The Origin of Acne (and How to Correct it!)

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Acne has, at one point or another, effected all of our lives.  Whether it be right before a school photo, the day before your big date, or, for some their entire lives.  The truth is, acne is a common enemy, and experiencing it is something we can all relate to.

There are various factors that cause acne to propagate, the most common is Hormones.  The hormone androgen, to be exact.  Androgen is generally responsible for over-activity in the sebaceous gland which results in the oily, shiny skin we all want to avoid.  Women and teenage boys tend to be the most susceptible to over-active sebaceous glands for obvious reasons.

Stress also plays a large role in the frequency and severity of acne.  After a long week of deadlines and meetings, it’s easy to understand how your body’s natural rhythm could be thrown off, and pimples could be given the opportunity to form.  This natural rhythm can also be affected by things other than stress:  Diet,while not proven to be a direct cause of acne, can really wreak havoc on your skin’s balance.  Try to keep greasy, fatty meals to a minimum; because while diet may not affect your skin directly, the residual oils and fats on your hands and lips that are left behind have a nasty tendency to clog your pores just as easily.

Food is not the only external factor that can cause acne: improper clothing can in some cases,cause acne, as well as make existing acne worse.  Tight fitting hats that don’t allow the forehead to breathe, and tight fitting shirts and pants that constrict your skin can all lead to breakouts.  Like the rest of your body, your skin needs to oxygen to thrive.  Cut off that oxygen and you will literally suffocate your skin.  This suffocation will cause your dead skin cells to mix with your skin’s natural oils and effectively plug a pore.  This plugged pore will then become infected by any bacteria that collects in it, and the result will be a perfectly formed pimple that’s ready to turn your saturday night into a saturday nightmare.

When most people get a pimple like the one alluded to above, the first thing they say to themselves are the two words that make acne worse all around the world: “pop it!”.  This is the #1 no-no on the list!  Being rough on your skin (i.e. picking, popping, squeezing, scrubbing) is the fastest way to make your acne worse.  If you do have to “pop” just make sure it has come to a head, and use a surgical needle so that you don’t agitate the skin surrounding it, reducing the chances of a red blemish forming.  One good rule of thumb is to simply be conscious of where your hands are, and making sure that they’re not anywhere near your face.

No matter how hard some people try though, they simply cannot rid themselves of pimples.  They can thank their ancestors for that.  For most people that have chronic acne, it can be traced back to their genes, and can only be treated medically.  There are many dermatology centers that offer acne treatments and acne solutions but most are simply med spas that don’t focus on the root causes of acne; they just give you a cleanser and a moisturizer, maybe give you a facial, then get you out the door.  The key is to find a facility that has medical professionals on staff.

The Skin Care Clinic of Orange County, located in Newport Beach is one such office.  They specialize in non-invasive acne treatments, as well as many other dermatological proceduresSkin care is their utmost priority and if you do suffer from acne, and live in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area, I would suggest giving them a call today to see how they can make your life a heck of a lot easier.

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 The Origin of Acne (and How to Correct it!)

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