Liquid Face Lift : What You Need to Know

at home face lift.jpg.scaled500 Liquid Face Lift : What You Need to Know “I didn’t want to go under the knife but I wanted to do something to rejuvenate my look”.

The Skin Care Clinic has heard this repeatedly, and when smaller alternatives are not
enough, we are pround to now introduce “The Instant Facelift”.

Injectables and fillers used to serve one purpose: filling lines and wrinkles. Over the last
few years, expert injectors have preferred the use of injectables, and now a myriad of
injectables can be used during a single treatment to add volumeand lift drooping features
and skin. Known as The Injectable Lift, this is a viable option for those who want a
quick fix in about an hour.


“Instant Facelift”, in the right patient, is an excellent option, but it is not as permanent as
a scalpel facelift, says Dr. Jeffery Olsen, MD.

What an “Instant Facelift” can do:

1. Fill lines and wrinkles
2. Increase volume
3. Add Definition

What an “Instant Facelift” cannot do

1. Elimanate excess skin
2. Provide long term results
3. Tighten the skin excessively

A free consultation at our office in Newport Beach can determine if you are a candidate,
and educate you on what your options are!

Please visit us at The Skin Care for
more information, or callus at:

(949) 760-8065

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