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Juvederm Dermal Fillers: What makes it so different?

procedure face juvederm dermal filler face wrinkles Juvederm Dermal Fillers: What makes it so different?Juvederm dermal fillers have a proven track record for the highest level of efficacy and longevity. As a matter of fact, Juvederm is FDA approved to last up to 1 year! Countless hours of testing have resulted in a filler that not only adds volume to lips, but also fills even the deepest wrinkles and lines.

Like many other dermal fillers, Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid based filler. What sets Juvederm apart from other fillers, however, is the way the hyaluronic acid is “cross linked”. “Cross linking’ refers to the was the molecules are bonded together. The more cross-linking there translates into how long the filler will last. Normally Hyaluronic acid is metabolized by the human body within two days, cross linking the molecules results in long lasting results, with a maximum duration of one year. Of course, longevity varies depending on injection site.

How Juvederm compares to other fillers:

Most hyaluronic fillers on the market today are very similar in that they are acid based, and can be used to fill lines and wrinkles. Most however, do come close to Juvederm in terms of smoothness. Often times, with older fillers, bumps and lumps can form under the skin, and the patient runs the risk of achieving a less than stellar result. This risk is minimzed completely when Juvederm is used. Injector experience is always a factor when administering injectables, but Juvederm is well know troughout the industry for providing the smoothest results possible. This is due to the small size of the cross linked molecules in Juvederm.

Many other fillers tend to diminish quite rapidly, lasting 3-6 months. Juvederm on the other hand is FDA approved to last up to 1 year! As stated previously, the injection site affects longevity, but patients will be pleased to know that no matter what, Juvederm lasts longer than any other filler on the market. Sites like the lips tend to diminish more rapidly simply due to the fact that people use their lips quite often, whether it be to speak, smile, or even eat. However, wrinkles on parts of the face that do not see as much rigorous use as the lips can, and often do stay full for a much longer duration of time.

Juvederm is also for more specialized than most other filler. In fact, there are actually two formulations of it:

Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

Juvederm Ultra is primarily used for lips and epidermis injections. XC Ultra Plus, however, is a much more robust formula which is used in the deeper layers of the skin to fill wrinkles and folds. This means that matter what you’re trying to achieve, there is a specialized formula to help you see results.

To learn more about Juvederm and how it can make you a more beautiful, confident individual, visit The Skin Care Clinic online. Or if you’re in the Orange or Los Angeles County areas, call us at (949) 760-8065 to schedule a free consultation!

 Juvederm Dermal Fillers: What makes it so different?

Latisse Can Have You Free of Racoon Eyes After Swimming!


You want to look great at the beach or at the pool – but you don’t want to look like “that” girl with makeup on, right?

Well, Latisse can help you do that.

Latisse is the first and ONLY FDA approved product that can literally grow your eyelashes so that you look like you are wearing mascara at the pool when you are not, in just a matter of weeks.  Yes there were imitations, but now none have the active ingredent/prescription that is crutial to make a difference other than Allergan Latisse.

In addition, if you are suffering from thinning or extremely light colored eyebrows, Latisse is a safe and excellent to effective to bringing them back.

It’s safe, its easy, and it works.

The Skin Care Clinic has thousands of satisfied patients.  We are also running a Latisse special, so call today!

(949)760-8065 or visit us online:


 Latisse Can Have You Free of Racoon Eyes After Swimming!

Latisse Treatments – They Really Do Work!

Latisse Treatments – They Really Do Work!

Latisse is the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for longer, fuller and darker eye lashes. It is a liquid serum that is designed to naturally and rapidly grow the length, fullness, and prominence of eye lashes. By directly applying the serum to the hair line on the upper eye lid with a small brush, users will see the eye lashes become longer and fuller in a matter of weeks, with significant and lasting differences becoming evident after a couple of months. Latisse is made by Allergan, a leading manufacturer of numerous and widely used cosmetic products in the United States, including Botox.

Get the eye lashes you’ve always dreamed of with Latisse. Safe and easy to apply, Latisse can give you the dramatic lashes you desire without false lash extensions or sticky, clunky, and pricy mascara.

After several months of treatment, you will enjoy the freedom and security of never worrying about eye make-up again. Regardless of your activities – swimming, showering or even crying – you’ll never have to deal with the inconvenience of running mascara or clumping, unnatural and overdone eye lashes.

 Latisse Treatments   They Really Do Work!

Did you Know Our DMAE is Promoted by Dr Oz?

There has been a tremendous buzz about DMAE.

It’s formal name is Dimethylaminoethanol, better known as DMAE, is an antioxidant membrane stabilizer. When taken orally or applied topically, it helps to firm, smoothe, and brighten skin. It also enhances the effects of other antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin C ester. As a result, DMAE works best when used in combination with other nutrients and an antioxidant base.

The Skin Care Clinic has formulated a medical grade DMAE facial that is more than just a “hydrating” or “relaxation” mask – it actually is effective in assisting in binding the collegen and elastin of the skin. There is no place in Newport Beach CA that actually has this specific formulation.

 Did you Know Our DMAE is Promoted by Dr Oz?

Laser Hair Removal: Just The Facts

lens7052282 1253211091laser hair removal.jpg.scaled500 Laser Hair Removal: Just The Facts

The Skin Care Clinic offers the latest in Laser Hair Removal technology. Our laser permanently reduces hair safely with minimal downtime. Most patients require 8-10 treatments with each treatment ranging from 15-60 minutes (depending on the area being treated). The treatment sessions are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart for optimal hair reduction. Patient comfort is maximized with a topical numbing cream and cooling technique.

How It Works:

The Syneron is one of the fastest and most effective hair removal systems available. This type of hair removal is long lasting and allows large areas of skin to be treated at the same time. The laser is directed through the skin to the hair follicle, where it stops growth. A gel is used on the surface of the skin for conduction and cooling purposes. Most patient experience minimal discomfort and find the procedure to be very tolerable.

How Long It Lasts:

Intended to be permanent, but people often need to return every 6 months to a year for maintenance.

Pre / Post-treatment Tips:

Patient must shave (NOT wax) 1-2 days prior to each treatment to promote effectiveness. Sun should be avoided before and immediately after each treatment to minimize skinirritation and discoloration.

To learn more about laser hair removal, visit The Skin Care Clinic online, or if you live in the Los Angeles / Orange County area, call (949) 760-8065

 Laser Hair Removal: Just The Facts

ReFirme Skin Tightening

ReFirme is a FDA cleared non-invasive Skin Tightening procedure* featuring the revolutionary

elōs™ technology that enables you to comfortably achieve a more youthful, toned and lifted

appearance without enduring downtime.


ReFirme is a complete anti-aging solution for targeting those telltale signs of aging, including,

jowl and neck laxity, sagginess under the eyes, saggy brow lines, and nasolabial folds. Unlike

conventional laser skin tightening treatments that are time and treatment intensive, and often

too painful for many patients; ReFirme offers virtually painless and fast treatment for sagging

and wrinkled skin.


ReFirme is a safe and effective industry-leading medical aesthetic technology, which has

received national media exposure through The Rachel Ray Show, Carnie Wilson feature on

Extra, Star Magazine and many more publications and television shows.


ReFirme advantages translate to enhanced comfort, convenience, & satisfaction.

To learn more about ReFirme , email us, or call The Skin Care Clinic at (949) 760-8065.


Watch ReFirme on the Rachel Ray show!!!!


 ReFirme Skin Tightening

Liquid Face Lift : What You Need to Know

at home face lift.jpg.scaled500 Liquid Face Lift : What You Need to Know “I didn’t want to go under the knife but I wanted to do something to rejuvenate my look”.

The Skin Care Clinic has heard this repeatedly, and when smaller alternatives are not
enough, we are pround to now introduce “The Instant Facelift”.

Injectables and fillers used to serve one purpose: filling lines and wrinkles. Over the last
few years, expert injectors have preferred the use of injectables, and now a myriad of
injectables can be used during a single treatment to add volumeand lift drooping features
and skin. Known as The Injectable Lift, this is a viable option for those who want a
quick fix in about an hour.


“Instant Facelift”, in the right patient, is an excellent option, but it is not as permanent as
a scalpel facelift, says Dr. Jeffery Olsen, MD.

What an “Instant Facelift” can do:

1. Fill lines and wrinkles
2. Increase volume
3. Add Definition

What an “Instant Facelift” cannot do

1. Elimanate excess skin
2. Provide long term results
3. Tighten the skin excessively

A free consultation at our office in Newport Beach can determine if you are a candidate,
and educate you on what your options are!

Please visit us at The Skin Care for
more information, or callus at:

(949) 760-8065


The Skin Care Clinic’s special formulation of SNY-AKE (RF) is a syntyhetic tripeptide derivative that targets the neuromuscular activity, which has excellent benefits in smoothing and assisting in the extenton of Botox and other anti-wrinkle properties.

SYN-AKE is a small perptide that mimics the activity of WAGHLERIN 1, a poly-peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper, Troppidolaemus wagleri.  Clinical trials have shown that SYN-AKE is capable of reducing mimic wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions.  To get a real Age Killing Effect, try SYN-AKE, which acts as a post-synaptic membrane, our formulation is a reversable antagolist of the muscular receptor, thus inhibits movement.

The tri-peptides are a binding element to the subunit which prevents binding of the connecting receptor – thus it remains closed, which helps the muscle stays relaxed.


The Skin Care Clinic‘s speciific formulation of SYN-AKE(RF) produced at least a 10% extention rate; and in conjunction with the healping properties of copper peptides and healing compounds, 94% of all studies reported that they found thier Botox results lasted longer than when not using the product.


Top 3 Gimmicks Used By Miracle Acne Treatments


  Modern medicine has brought us such miracles as an aids vaccine, and the telescopic eye, yet, it seems like scientists have overlooked the small potatoes, like acne treatments. Acne is something we have all had to deal with, and something we all equally dislike. It has ruined numerous dates and countless photographs. For some, acne has even left deep scarring and tissue damage due to cysts. The lack of effective acne treatments on the market today, and the lack of consumer knowledge has left a void that scam artists have filled with great marketing and cheap, ineffective products.

Gimmick #1: The 3-day Natural Cure.

  Most acne products base their advertising on the feeling of helplessness. They know that most people who are willing to try their acne treatments, have tried others in the past with, odds are, less then stellar results. The 3-day natural cure e-book’s technique involves eating apples, and drinking plenty of water. That’s it, just apples and water. I’m sure you can imagine how upsetting it must have been for those that actually bought the e-book.

apples splashing water most pesticides in fruit photo1.jpg.scaled500 Top 3 Gimmicks Used By Miracle Acne Treatments accutane1.jpg.scaled500 Top 3 Gimmicks Used By Miracle Acne Treatments

Pictured: Acne Cure 

Gimmick #2: Exaggerated Success Rate

   Accutane, one of the most prescribed acne medications dominated the market for years. Thousands of people with acne subscribed to the idea, and promise that Accutane will clear their breakouts while providing effective, long-term acne prevention. Shockingly enough, the rate of success for Accutane is only 50%. Wait, 50%?!?! That’s almost as effective as those magnetic bracelets that they sell on late-night infomercials.

  To add insult to injury, Accutane also has horrible side-effects including: weak skin, Alopecia, depression, suicidal tendencies, birth defects, miscarriages, back pain, joint pain, dry mucus membranes, pink eye, dryness of the eye, vision problems, ringing in the ear, psychosis, and many many more. In fact, there have been hundreds of lawsuits against the maker of accutane because of these dangerous side-effects.

accutane1.jpg.scaled500 Top 3 Gimmicks Used By Miracle Acne Treatments

Gimmick #3: Patented Ingredients:

  The FDA requires all manufacturers to disclose, on the product label, the contents or ingredients of the product. One way to work around ingredient disclosure is the ever-popular “patented ingredient”. An acne treatment company will often time patent an ingredient to sell something that isn’t really what they say it is. This is strictly a shady sales technique, and patented ingredients should be avoided at all costs.

  The Bottom line is that however you decide to treat your acne, keep common sense in mind. Med Spas and commercials that offer miracles are often times just trying to take your money without any regard for your own health or well-being. Acne treatments should be taken seriously, and if you want results, you should make sure you see a medical professional. If you’re in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, and would like to start your journey towards clear, acne-free skin, call The Skin Care Clinic in Newport Beach.

Their experienced staff and caring practitioners will provide with personal, professional service. Call today for a FREE Consultation at (949) 760-8065 or email us.

 Top 3 Gimmicks Used By Miracle Acne Treatments

The Origin of Acne (and How to Correct it!)

pimples367 11.jpg.scaled500 The Origin of Acne (and How to Correct it!)

Acne has, at one point or another, effected all of our lives.  Whether it be right before a school photo, the day before your big date, or, for some their entire lives.  The truth is, acne is a common enemy, and experiencing it is something we can all relate to.

There are various factors that cause acne to propagate, the most common is Hormones.  The hormone androgen, to be exact.  Androgen is generally responsible for over-activity in the sebaceous gland which results in the oily, shiny skin we all want to avoid.  Women and teenage boys tend to be the most susceptible to over-active sebaceous glands for obvious reasons.

Stress also plays a large role in the frequency and severity of acne.  After a long week of deadlines and meetings, it’s easy to understand how your body’s natural rhythm could be thrown off, and pimples could be given the opportunity to form.  This natural rhythm can also be affected by things other than stress:  Diet,while not proven to be a direct cause of acne, can really wreak havoc on your skin’s balance.  Try to keep greasy, fatty meals to a minimum; because while diet may not affect your skin directly, the residual oils and fats on your hands and lips that are left behind have a nasty tendency to clog your pores just as easily.

Food is not the only external factor that can cause acne: improper clothing can in some cases,cause acne, as well as make existing acne worse.  Tight fitting hats that don’t allow the forehead to breathe, and tight fitting shirts and pants that constrict your skin can all lead to breakouts.  Like the rest of your body, your skin needs to oxygen to thrive.  Cut off that oxygen and you will literally suffocate your skin.  This suffocation will cause your dead skin cells to mix with your skin’s natural oils and effectively plug a pore.  This plugged pore will then become infected by any bacteria that collects in it, and the result will be a perfectly formed pimple that’s ready to turn your saturday night into a saturday nightmare.

When most people get a pimple like the one alluded to above, the first thing they say to themselves are the two words that make acne worse all around the world: “pop it!”.  This is the #1 no-no on the list!  Being rough on your skin (i.e. picking, popping, squeezing, scrubbing) is the fastest way to make your acne worse.  If you do have to “pop” just make sure it has come to a head, and use a surgical needle so that you don’t agitate the skin surrounding it, reducing the chances of a red blemish forming.  One good rule of thumb is to simply be conscious of where your hands are, and making sure that they’re not anywhere near your face.

No matter how hard some people try though, they simply cannot rid themselves of pimples.  They can thank their ancestors for that.  For most people that have chronic acne, it can be traced back to their genes, and can only be treated medically.  There are many dermatology centers that offer acne treatments and acne solutions but most are simply med spas that don’t focus on the root causes of acne; they just give you a cleanser and a moisturizer, maybe give you a facial, then get you out the door.  The key is to find a facility that has medical professionals on staff.

The Skin Care Clinic of Orange County, located in Newport Beach is one such office.  They specialize in non-invasive acne treatments, as well as many other dermatological procedures.  Skin care is their utmost priority and if you do suffer from acne, and live in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area, I would suggest giving them a call today to see how they can make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Call (949) 350-1195  for a FREE CONSULTATION

 The Origin of Acne (and How to Correct it!)